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4x Cartridges for inhaler. 


Our pen inhaler is an all natural, CBD based inhaling delivery system that contains a proprietary formulas are designed to metabolize quickly into your bloodstream to offer fast and potent relief. 

Customers have said that the inhaler will give you an immediate soothing aswell as a natural boost to improve sports performance and concentration to get a better focus on goals. For people with chronic pain or acute anxiety the inhaler will help by giving you a fast soothing feeling and quick relief.

4x Cartridges for Inhaler

99,00 €Price
  • Studies have shown that when you inhale an essential oil such has CBD, its active ingredients come directly into contact with the respiratory mucous membranes and pass into the entire body. Inhalation is therefore ideal for treating ENT disorders or nervous disorders, but also it allow your body to improve your sportive performance in a natural way and helps you focus on your goal and concentration.

    This delivery method allow the essential oils to act quickly and consequently maximizing their therapeutic benefits. They have an anti-infectious, decongestant, moisturizing, fluidifying and rebalancing effect on the mucous membranes.

    Inhaling is the fastest way to feel the effects of CBD and essential oils. Most customers will begin to feel the effects of the within 15 minutes, though some customers may start to feel the formula begin to work almost instantly.

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